Growing Older

The thought of growing older,
has never bothered me! For
when I look in the mirror, it's
not a bad refflection, that I
see! A few gray hairs are
present, scattered here and
there, giving me quite a
distinguished look, while
adding highlights to my hair!
Checking on a little futher,
around my lips, eyes and
skin, can't help but wonder,
what condition, they'll be in.
Examining very close, not
knowing what I'll find, only
to discover, nature, has been
very kind! There is no doubt, I
had been blessed and the
process of aging, I'll not let it
go to my head. I certainly can't
take any of the credit, as it's
all in the genes, so it's been

by Audrey Heller

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very inspiring poem for everyone getting to the edge...a nice and strong one great write...thanks Best Wishes, Ency Bearis