PD (1-13-1983 / Pine Bluff, AR)

Growing Pains

I thought it hurt to grow up
when my legs became shards of pain
that kept me up all night
crying tears and clinging to mommy

I thought it hurt to grow up
the day I saw my daddy cry
and ask his brother to get up,
to stop playing and wake up from the dead

I thought it hurt to grow up
when my mommy got a call from back east
where grandma Kiehl finally said goodbye
to grandpa, and hello to God.

I thought it hurt to grow up
when I got the call from my wife and
all I remember, really, is her asking
'Are you sitting down? '

I thought it hurt to grow up,
when I wandered onto the dark side for a moment
casting harm upon the one I love most in the world
out of fear, she is forever gone.

What hurts the most while growing up
is waking every day and watching
one by one illusions, like sandcastles,
washed away before the ebb of time

by Poet Dragon

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Like illusions sandcastles have shifting foundations Poet Dragon. The best thing about growing up for me, is knowing the world is my oyster! lol Growing up can be painful but also very rewarding as adults, if we build steadily with the right tools. Good cynical poem though,10 from Tai