Growing Season

A giant pendulum in the cosmos swings
      and galactic pinwheels circle in the aether.
The vernal equinox brings fairer weather
      as gentle rains sire life's new springings.

Crocuses push the snow aside, a skylark sings
      of light and darkness held in equal measure.
Then pastel fingers on the boughs appear
      as flora bloom and fauna ply their matings.

The softened fields embrace the tillers’ blades
      sowing seeds for the ever nourishing sun
to raise to golden fields of finest wheat.

The pendulum swings once more as summer fades.
    Our Earthly axis seeks a cool inflection
as farmers hail the harvest now complete.

December, 2006 - revised July,2010

by Robert Charles Howard

Comments (7)

A rich and flowingly poetic portayal of the turning from season to season. A beautiful sonnet from a very gifted artist.
Living in the South's farmland as I do, and close to the mighty Delta land of the Mississippi River, I can testify to the very real SMELL of dirt, turning under the plow, or hay being cut, apples that scent the air, and molasses cooking over an open pit in the fall...the joys of the smells of the seasons! Beautiful, Robert.
A beautiful word picture of the changing seasons. I hear the silent music that has been created here. Warm regards, Sandra
Beautifully descriptive, this - makes me want to work the land, enjoying the fruits of honest labor firsthand. Thank you for evoking such rich yet simple beauty. Esther : ]
An lyrical pastoral descriptive piece - the images are very English - maybe Vaughan Williams or Frederick Delius. A mellow piece - soft and eloquent. love, Allie xxxxxx
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