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Growing Seeds
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Growing Seeds

Those who will not reason
'Perish in the act;
Those who will not act
Perish for that reason.'
This was writ by Auden
not too long ago
you weirdos full of boredom
your intellect won't grow.
No, you will never win
you can't because you're dumb
the shark will give his fin
for substance, not for crumb.
You lost when you were born
the midwife must have fainted
you never were the corn
to sprout because you're tainted.

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Comments (5)

Best not try to defend this write by you as surely any compliment or comment I might pay you will be attacked on issues of sensitivity as opposed to those of true merit.
Oh Craig, you shouldn't have said that. Now you won't get a valentine from Herbert. And he just might call you vermin. Ouch! Or maybe a rat. Ouch! Too bad it's only one lonely person's opinion. You see, no one ever agrees with him except for Allan Saywell and his aliases. As for talent, where have you been? Don't you know the whacky Top 500 list is the be all and end all of determining talent? In that regard, in an experiment I was able to move a poet up 25 places on the poet list. I have no reason to believe that others haven't done that same thing to enhance their own ranking.
It's interesting, Herbert, that whenever people offer legitimate criticism to you writing, you respond with ad hominem arguments attacking the critics rather than responding to the criticism. Is that because you have nothing to offer in the way of logical defense for poor writing? As for the comment about talent being hard to come by, you should know since you don't have any.
Both of you truly inspire me. One because he doesn't get it, the other because he never had it. Talent is hard to come by, isn't it. H
Dr Nehrlich, liebchen, your biodata says you are inspired by love. Are there exceptions to this, such as this inept doggerel?