Growing Up

Growing up is hell, or so it's told,
but, it never leaves that we are growing older,
through the years of setting suns,
well past the journeys of our loved ones,
we tend to lose ourselves in life,
and grow less bold.

You aren't the person that she met,
that fateful night, - - - you never were,
she never knew the man she chose to love,
she merely took you as she saw you,
she tried to change you into what she saw,
then dropped you when you didn't measure up.

As it happens, that's a kind of education,
as it turns out, it seems that you're a teacher too,
it is no wonder that you're timid,
and want to climb into a shell,
as the teacher, that's O.K. - - -
as the pupil - - - life is hell!

Tomorrow is the only thing that's left,
take the lessons from your past,
and apply them to your future,
for even growing up can never last.

by Barry Van Allen

Comments (2)

Barry...You are such a philosophical fellow...I really enjoyed this one...but...I refuse to grow up! ! : -) Hugs, Dee
once again u said it well..great write!