Growing Up

What do you do when it all feels so strange?
Growing up so soon and fast in this world to change
I am not a child any more way beyond that now
Feeling like an adult but I am not quite somehow
I am in that stage of constant change of things so new
Of experimenting of excitement in things so few
But still inside the fear the trying to find were u stand
Being on your own letting go of that safe hand
Letting loose the security of home as you search for wings
Finding them by your side these unused things
Learning to spread them as eagles do and sore life’s sky
You only know how high you can go when you begin to fly
Finding your own limitations facing to your dreaded fears
To find in life a new source of flowing tears
See in the distance where you want to be
But getting there is harder then your eye can see
So holding on to hope found in things that last
Like the rising sun things differ from the past
Everything slowly leading you farther away
Walking into a unknown new life day by day
Walking on shaking ground
Waiting for a safe place again to be found

by foxy babii

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so talented you write, yet so true.....
A lovely poem. I think understanding change still applies when you get older. You just learn to live with it.