Sense Of Duty

It was the eight year in the service for me when my life would change and things would become disastrous.

I clipped my gear on, gun on my shoulder, attached my parachute on my back and jumped.

The fall is unforgettable looking below I see gunfire and explosions, I ready myself and pull the string, landing was the easy part.
I unclipped my parachute and run to the abandon apartment.
My squad lands and we group up, my job is to give them a sense of duty.
'Alright this is the situation we got three U.S hostages, and at least thirteen unfriendly's, Squad one and squad two cover the left side of the streets, squad three follow my lead.'

We depart and cover our positions a flank was setup and enemy bullets fired, I look to my left, three soldiers are down. 'Chopper gunner bravo I got three soldiers down where is my cover fire? ' The blade of the chopper roars in my ears, a shower of bullets spring to life, the air is silent I can only hear my thoughts.
A small ringing noise sounds and my hearing is clear. 'Move your ass soldiers! '

I run A full sprint as my team follows, I feel the cool metal of my Scar-H, I hold the gun against me as I enter the building.

Everything is quiet, my team looks around, I spot in the left corner of my eye a shape move.
I open fire releasing a burst of bullets, the figure falls and life seemed colder. My squad heads upstairs and takes four more lives.
As I advance I spot one of the hostages he sits blindfolded and strapped to a chair.
My step's seem to slow, suddenly shots fire and a burst of pain floods my leg's 'Shit! ' I cry and fall. My leg begins to throb, my gun is down and all I have left is a Glock pistol, as I pull it out the sound of metal hits concrete. A rush of adrenaline surges through me, no thinking I jump to the hostage and take the blast of a frag grenade.
My body burns from all the hot shrapnel, I roll off the hostage and see he is okay, as I look up two unfriendly's rush in. Hand on the trigger of my Glock begins to tense, blood splatters and bodies fall, my vision has become hazy, then light becomes dark.
My eyes open and pain unheard of hits me, my squad is holding me to the helicopter they take me. I whisper 'Well done soldiers.'

by Connor Whyte

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