Growing Up In The Hood

Since the day you were born
the angels in heaven mourn.
Them knowing all the heartache you would endure
even though the love of your parents is pure.
You were born into a society of the projects
so many people dying and your parents fearing you're next.
Gunshots blast day and night
your mother's heart filled with fright.
She thinks of the days when you might be around
when the shells of the shots hit the ground.
You promise her you'll take care and for her not to worry
you're growing up too fast, you're growing up in a hurry.
You hang out on the streets with your friends
and on your friends you do depend.
But don't let anyone be your judge and jury
depend on yourself with fire and fury.
For if your behavior is passive and lax
people will blame you for things and change the facts.
And so, even if you're not, there are those up to no good
So be careful, growing up in the hood!

by Aisha Fortson (P.A.L.)

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