Growing Up, Moving On

I had a feeling this would happen
But I wished and prayed it wouldn't
That one day she would accept me
But I knew in my heart she couldn't.
I would be lying if I said I didn't care
Because sadly I always will
Because the love that I have for my mother
Is something no one can kill.
But I have to move on
I can't keep living like this
Because being gay is who I am
And that's a person she's gonna miss.
I'm done trying to work things out
Because in the end it's only me
And if my family can't accept it
I guess that's how it's gonna be.
I don't need them in my life
I have all the support that I need
I know that I still have my friends
And with Jesus I know I'll succeed.
It's true it wont be easy
But I'll be happy with what I get
Getting saved was the best thing for me
And that's a decision I will never regret.
I know that in my heart
God loves me for me
And I know he'll be watching
Where ever I may be.
It's time for me to grow up
And stop depending on everyone else
Because being who I am isn't easy
But I have to do it for myself.

by Edith SaintFelix

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