Guard Your Pearls

Let not the cares of everydayness
Deface the your fair mien with woes,
Your beauty shall outlive the throes
Of scarcity and momentary anguish.

The gold of your uncommon features
Wins you a thousand bright tomorrows.
Set your present struggles against your looks
And you win the clash and forget the sorrows.

From far men shall place their shingle at your feet
Hoping to purchase choice gold with passing sand.
Be not thoughtless to barter your queenly worth
For the valueless gravel of the worthless land.

Who at a loss ever sold their merchandise?
They have honed their scam on charming girls
With the spare of their ill-amassed grit,
Their aim to vanish with their divine pearls.

by Hannington Mumo

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With their divine pearls. Nice work.