Guardian Angel

So suddenly it seems our roads diverged,
Leading us down paths likely to never meet again;
But like an angel your spirit follows me always
An angelic spirit beckoning me to recall days gone by,
Days when everything was strange and new.
When your sweet serenity calmed every fear,
Whether it was you hypnotic eyes,
Your glowing warmth or graceful presence,
Or the smile that I still see today.

When you could have talked with those considered elite,
And walked with those who were wealthy and handsome
It was those who had less that always caught your eye.
Though we were never lovers and barely friends,
Though for so brief a time.
I still remember that angel who passed by my way,
The angelic presence who crossed my path so many years ago,
I ponder.......does she remember whose heart it is that she still holds today?!

by Christopher Buchheit


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