(April 19th 1992 til infinity. / Monterey Park. Raised in H.H.)

Guardian Incubus' Lament

For every girl that captures my heart
Causes my heart to beat short
Of a close centimeter
Since I am nothing but a decimator
Guardian by light
Incubus by night

I cannot deter from wishing
To be loving
Each lovely soul I meet
I just stare like I see some meat
Delicious enough to die for
Open your door
And I'll let you coax
Open my Pandora's Box

Whenever I come to my sense
They knock out the reckless
Behavior trying to grab its prey
Instead it wishes to stay
Beneath it all
For these souls are all
Better off without mine
For mine is a curse

Kissing upon one to another
Harboring feelings forever
Strung to each one
As if it were all for none
Just to satisfy the cull
Until the angels call
Yet this one light soothes me
The feelings compel me

My sanity returns
And I realize my concerns
That I treated her like an object
But no ill will I only wanted to subject
Her pleasure to the most desired
Ending the pleasantries I railed
My heart to the mind
A wandering love staked to the ground

Unable to live amongst
The innocent in fear of taint
She is a receiver
And I am the conductor
Slowly into the dark
I will be love struck

Eyes looking happy
That I am so lucky
Resting on her care lock
Giving her a peck
Time spent is love
But ill protect her like
There isn't anybody similar
To how familiar

She fills my emptiness
Just like my consciousness
Used to do on days such as these
It remains quiet decease
It's hard to explain it
The hole in my chest
Turning on the pump
Begins to fill up
I am not being celibate
I just want to know how she appreciates
A shade of my color
This July I'll remember
A guardian incubus' lament

by Anthony Han

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An outburst of the heart beautifully crafted and it is deep and touching! This amazing outcry is coming from a young soul that should set his or priorities straight to avoid major crashes so early in life. We all go through this chaotic stage in our lives as could see in the description I give in my poems, even at my age, I still feel the side effects of loving someone like you do! If you read my poem: In Pursuit of Happiness you could see it! This great heartfelt write gives you away and clearly shows your great emotions and poetic talent to bring you all the way to the top of the Poetry World one day as long as you keep writing and learning from other poets writes and your own experience gained along the way of your tender life. Keep inspiring the World with your honest and powerful writes! 10+++ Keep it up Champ! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City!