Guardians Of The Law

Those who choose to become police,
Can not effectively do so with it done...
For all who inhabit communities infested,
By people living within them suffering...
From mental and social interaction problems.
Or have become diseased to show increasingly,
A neglect of minds detected with defects...
To prove signs showing dignities diminished.
And an absence of self respect.
Yet upset are some hoping to expect a miracle.

'They came and left to make one or two arrests.
Then made recommendations to us to suggest.'

Those who choose to become police,
Do so from a duty to protect the public peace.
And as guardians of the law,
Are often called by the ones who seek...
Disturbances to end to have them ceased.
But too many blame the police to claim,
They are not qualified to be psychiatrists...
Babysitters, teachers or smiling priests.
To believing them to be capable to fix and mend,
All of their illnesses hidden denials they've kept...
To allow them to keep their delusions manifested.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Good one - thankyou for your efforts