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Guato & Dancing Horse
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Guato & Dancing Horse

Can't you see it can't you feel it
The demons of the asylum
It's overpowering you and me
This madness does come with ease
Ubiquitous this absent zoo
Escape the place, the sane part too
We patients be a potent seed
Inaugural outing, him and me

Ancestral store in Dancing Horse
With frightful lack of civil course
Red First Nation with no recourse
With crimes of first degree
And the gusto of the latino Guato
The witty loose nut, former narco
Mexican man who lost his taco
Nine years with lunacy

We venture the farthest
The tenth block was hardest
Time machine was harnessed
A warm and hurried flee
The pomp and duration
Unruly duel curation
Hybrid minds in gestation
Is now our therapy

Overdue craving for liquor
Bypass checkout much quicker
Mogadishu man on-looker
Seized and smashed the whiskey
By the scruff in possession
A three-man procession
Now hunt the connection
Return in slow retreat

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