Guess Who Has Fewer Headaches?

The lesson I've learned,
From my own observations...
That had me debating what decision to make.
And I am the one left in an emotional state of mind?
That left me awake at nights from time to time.
And sometimes crying.
To begin hating myself because of someone else?

I have found a way,
To do what I can then to walk away.
With no feeling of guilt at all.

'Oh yeah?
What have you found,
To keep you smiling all day without making a frown? '

Whenever someone begins to argue with me,
As to 'how' I should rescue them from a quicksand pit.
And the person who needs to be saved...
Has a preference as to which device they would like,
Besides the kind and type of rope I brought to use...
To free them out and cleared from their own dilemma?
And they say to me the choice I made,
Isn't the one they would choose?

I have learned to do this...
Throw in the rope to tie it to a rock.
In knots!
And leave them with a decision to make on their own.

'But that is not the Christian thing to do.'

I know.
But guess who has fewer headaches?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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