Guess Who I Am

I will no longer participate,
In those...
'Guess Who I Am Today! '

When young and in my past,
I will admit it had been exciting...
Not to know who or what to expect,
After midnight caressing...
To then awaken to someone,
Whose mood and change of attitude...
Took my breath away.
To have me quickly getting dressed.
And awaiting for dawn to make an exit,
From my own home address.

Today as I age and gratefully with faith,
Those 'Guess Who I Am Relationships'...
Are in my past to stay that way.
And I could care less,
How wonderful someone looks...
In broad daylight,
To do their best to impress.
But my expectations have been raised,
Very high.

Today and single I 'will' socialize and mingle.
I'm not playing hard to get,
When I choose and pick someone special...
I perceive more than a one night stand.
But when all clothes come off,
Including wigs, weaves and masks.
All I ask...
Is for a gentle nudge to prepare me,
For anything hidden I had not seen.
Before romance and that done left the scene,
That doesn't awaken me to have me leap...
Out of my bed and ready for combat.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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