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A Green Crab's Shell
PIH (17/09/1987 / )

A Green Crab's Shell

Poem By Mark Doty

I am inside you,
I am around you,
I am on your mind,
We both are entwined.

I make you think
I am an important link.
I can drive you crazee
I put you in a frenzy!

I define you,
I refine you,
I am always with you
I've given you enough clues.

Now asking you to guess who I am,
Don't ignore me, you ouuta give a damn.
Here now, to reveal myself
Mark my words, 'On me you dwell'

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Comments (8)

Good poem, well worded and rhymed too and the meaning it relates is quite touching well done.
Preeti, you certainly had me 'thinking'... I guess that was the intent? ! Very well done! ! Brian
i couldn't guess WhO for i Was thinking nicely done Preeti great poem keep it up **KoNi**
you actually made me guess till i got to the end.. hats off preeti.. excellent..
INNOVATIONAL JUICES AFLOW HERE...WELL DONE, PREETI..... '' GUESS'' YOU GOT A (10) ! '''''''''''''''''''''''''~F. J. R.~''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''