Guess Who Will Find That Offensive?

My comments offend?
Your skin must be very thin.
If my depictions are available,
To be observed...
And your eyes have been fixed on sweets.
While you couldn't get enough,
Of those delusions fed...
To quickly eat of that 'funky stuff'.

My comments once made,
Freely and unafraid...
Will eventually be all up in your head,
To repeat back to me.
And guess who will find THAT offensive?
People like you who now wish,
They had listened and not passed judgement.

Have you ever heard the term,
'It Is Never Too Late? '
Look around you.
What time have you been waiting for to arrive?
That has long been sitting to visit.
And right before your eyes undisguised.
I didn't welcome that.
You did!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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