Guest Divine

Suddenly He appeared, a glorious sight,
Guest Divine in reverent light,
His head bowed humbly at my altar of prayer,
It graciously welcomed visit rare.

Time fleeting, He presented no name,
Or needless rhetoric of fortune and fame,
But in the twinkling of a moral eye,
Vanished like a star in awakening sky.

Yet His blessed presence abides,
Mighty as the ocean, faithful as the tide,
Comforting, strengthening, lingering here,
Love flowing strongly; love without fear.

His spirit refreshing like gentle rain,
Yields Autumn harvest with golden grain,
Tints the sky with the rainbow still,
Whitens the lilies skirting the hill.

Lord of life, He lifts me up,
Sweetens like Honey my bitter cup,
Now my altar is a peaceful shrine,
Patiently awaiting my guest Divine.

by Jean Manning

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i liked this with its deep meaning....this stands different from many rainbow poems