AC (16 Nov 1953 / Jammu)

Guide To Conjugal Harmony...In A Lighter Vein

why do couples often fight?
mostly to convey...
'I am the one who is right'
its a pleasure to have the last word
make sure your voice is heard
a barb, a dart, a parting shot,
all great fun when the temprature is hot,
but do we ever realize,
or go with the premise,
how does it matter who is right?
easier to let the man win,
than puncture his king size ego, with a pin
in any confrontation
offer no aggravation,
just nod and say,
'you are so right dear'
I should talk less,
and give you my ear
and watch him deflate,
the argument abate,
goes to show, my dad's advice was so true
the wiser one always keeps shut,
very difficult, ladies......but
try it, its so very true
your fights will be scaled down
to just a very few....
.some valuable tips from one
whos seen thirty two years....
there have been fights and tears,
but now, I am among the peers,
got the mantra, to conjugal delight,
dont aggravate, just keep it light,
woman is the wiser of the two,
tell that to yourself....
and make do.

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Comments (5)

YOU DO MARIAGE COUNSEULING ON THE SIDE? Nice job here, Arti...i like your opening in asking questions...tends to make the reader feel involved & more intent in their read''''''''''''''''''''''FJR
Wow, glad you wrote the poem in a light-hearted tone. I kinda even laughed! hehe. the 'deflating their ego' bit was funny, ah! i know guys have hot air balloon size egos, and yeah you are so right, what you wrote at the end is the ultimate truth. I love your poetry! Preets
well, at 45 i think it is best to say what you have to in a most matter of fact exactly what you want...and never argue...and never blame...never give in if you truly beleive in something...ultimately what matters is that YOU are happy with YOURSELF...great poem...great
The truth is most evident in this piece - well done!
Yes so true and put in a much lighter vein, it can be taken with a spoon full of honey and go down quite well Arti! lol It's the only sensible way! , Another tip! If you want something done? Plant the seed and then let them think they suggested it! lol You both get what you want and it works every single time! Grinning, devious, but in the nicest possible way! rofl Tai