First Brotherhood

Brotherhood is the first pillar
Towards world peace.
It is the whole world
That is crying for peace.

And peace is here in a woman
Here in children
Take care of them
Take care of peace.

When smile is in the face
Of women and children
Peace is at your door
Failing which life is bored.

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (6)

An appealing thought provoking poem, I presume the 'case of antique wood' in the room with 'such a peaceful view' is a coffin, I think I prefer to be dust in the wind and avoid this collection. :)
Excellent write, from an, I assume, established poet..
Very descriptive. Intense, sinister, dark. Depth of reality without hope, light, nor vision for change. Well written scene and mentality.
Not able to go. Why these places can leave you depressed.
This appeals to the emotions abandon the perceptions of poetic verse and just read the text, it heightens the senses further if you just read and allow it to be whatever you want it to be.
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