Everyone here,
Received the same guidelines.
From the same 'source'.
With not a one amended.

None made decisions,
To retrieve them in a coma.
Everyone had been.
No one made a claim to have had amnesia.
All proceeded,
In the direction of their beliefs.

Who knew,
What would be in store for them?

Some maintained their faith.
With prayers daily they would make.
Struggling through emotional heartache.
But never in doubt,
What their faith was about.

Others struggled,
Through their emotional heartaches.
To curse the air they breathe.
And choosing to rewrite the same guidelines.
Replacing what they did not like...
For something else to appease their appetites.
With a choice to fight with voices heard.
No matter what around them occurred.
With revealing evidence.

Those of truth...
And aware of evidence,
An awakened mind would witness.
Became enriched with peace, love and happiness.
Following the same guidelines,
The others refused to comprehend!
And adhere to as was given!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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