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Guiding Light...
BJH (05/29/65 / Missouri)

Guiding Light...

At times I feel imprisoned
By the challenge of my world
And am caught in the intensity of living
My children push and pull me,
And I cannot take a step
Toward the peaceful coexistence
That awaits me

Sometimes I feel I’m shackled,
Weighted down, beneath their pain
Caught within distorted pictures they have formed
Of this world, of safety, of love, of aching grief
My heart and eyes clench
Trying to escape

When I take the time to stop, and to relax
And take the time to breathe, and not look back
When I take time to look up, and time to see
And open up my eyes
To what can be

Then I realize his freedom can be mine
If I stop to pray and ask him one more time
He sits within his heaven,
Leaning down to lend a hand
Shining light to find my way...
Into a safer land

I am not alone
I have never been
He is here with me, beside me, ‘till the end
He will hold my hand, and guide my feet
And pick me up, and carry me
His light has drawn a path
To sanity…

He waits for me to turn my eyes toward him
I can lead my children, ‘till they see in me
That his peace is unconditional, and free

And from within,
Absolved from sin,
We all can win

His gaze glows pure, and soft, and warm
His love flows deep, and swift, and strong
He offers comfort for us all…
Enough to fill the ocean

I can set my feet upon his path,
Ankle deep in rushing seas
And walk…
Confident that he will hold me safe

He’ll watch above with utter love
Until the day has come for me
To join him on his soft
and sandy beaches

In heaven…

**excerpt from 'Living in Chaos Survival: A Parenting Journey...' **Published through LuluPress 2004

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