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KP Kevin Pike (3rd of september / Lister Hospital)


The burden of guilt wonders around fearful
Not knowing what is around the next corner
But why does it need to know?
What harm can come to something that harms itself?
Maybe it wants to feel scared
Pressurized into believing the fate of guilt can cause pain
But guilt is pain at the highest peak
Something that is always there buried deep in the heart
It cannot be removed because it is locked tightly
And only forgiveness has the key to release it
The wound guilt has left will not heal over
It has been infected with the venomous payment of liquid eternity
It will instantly form into a black hole of remorse
Fake tears will show the false emotion that you breathe
Each tear cried shows the daring cry out for help from your soul
Here then lays the annihilation of guilt
To be forever witnessed by the ever growing fear
Of your heart dying slowly of excruciating suffering

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