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The heart it will begin to ache
Then the body will begin to shake
The nerves will numb and then quake
Then the heart; it will break,
There will be a triumph by remorse
As humanity will finally take its course
From the weakness there was the force
And from the deeds that was the source,
A life is lived from its regret and shame
All that is seen is hate and all that is heard is blame
Destroying a soul by putting out a flame
And GOD and all, will know the name,
The heart will be laden with worries and sin
An innocence is hidden from deep within
The self condemned knows where it has been
A shriver continuously, crawls up the skin,
Worries are strong and so is the pain
Honesty, truth and righteousness were slain
As though slipping out through life's vein
A sad, sad loss, is sadly someone else's gain,
Destruction will come to what was built
Dignity will dry up, and then will wilt
Respect and honor and pride will be spilt
All will be lost; but kept will be the guilt.

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Rudyard Kipling


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