Guilt Dismisses Quick

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Guilt dismisses quick,
Its own involvement...
To start conflicts.
And one wounded with ego,
Is swift to protect...
Their defective,
Narcissistic ways.

Betrayal and treason,
Become tools to use...
To defend what is most valued.
And that is oneself.
Regardless if anyone else,
Is victimized to lie upon.
Even if this should mean,
Throwing them under a bus.
Crushing them up.
And fleeing away to say,
The doing was justified.
Since they should have known,
Who owned the bus.
And who it was more deserving,
To save their own butt.
With a making of a fast escape.

Guilt dismisses quick,
Its own involvement,
To start conflicts.
And will lie and deceive,
If it should mean,
Their narcissistic ways to value...
Become threatened by anyone,
Who believes a loyalty to give...
Means anything to anyone,
Who has proven time and time again...
Self preservation,
Is their utmost priority kept to keep!

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