No foregone conclusions
No faites accomplis
No ducking of decisions
No get-out-of-jail-frees;
No rocks or even hard places
No devils or deep blue seas
No copper-bottomed promises
No gilt-edged guarantees;
No time for fence-sitting
No more ‘wait and see’
No reason to do nothing
No room for apathy;
No moment like this moment
No better opportunity
No time but the present
No other certainty.

by Tony Jolley

Comments (4)

excellent message written clearly without any pretension...fantastic piece
Bravo! Concise and to the point and I think I know where you're coming from. A decision to get on with life so... good for you! (Your situation inspired 'Chessboard' so I was a bit miffed when I saw that only part of it had taken! Now restored to full version!)
Quite explicit and passionate poetry! A 10.
I really like this Tony...... should I? HG; -) xx