Guilt Revisits

Even though forgiveness was given,
To those who performed needless misdeeds.
A guilt reviisits...
Shared amongst the ones who believed,
Impressing others would accomplish trust...
With a keeping of their cups filled up.
A guilt revisits.
With a coming to sit.

Reality is a fiction long lived.
As a guilt felt eventually reappears.
To leave those who duped to deceive,
Wishing less...
They were taunted by memories.

A guilt revists!
Like a bandit without standards.
Guilt revisits,
To inflict unseen pain.
A guilt revisits!
And regardless who say they forgive,
A doing done isn't forgotten...
From a mind reminded a lot.

Guilt revisits...
Even though forgiveness is given.
A guilt revisits...
And sits to inflict a pain,
One with memories haunted...
With a taunting that remains.
A guilt revisits!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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partial redemption only, possible