Guilt Ridden With Temptations

If I was to choose to love a man.
And a woman does the same with another...
There is not a law,
Whether it was passed or not...
That could keep us from each other.
IF this was a mutual decision.

The emphasis made on homosexuality,
Or if one chooses to live a lesbian life...
No matter how 'straight' public impressions,
On those heterosexual...
Determined to keep their outlook as 'right',
Will not change a decided preference.

People are seeking those to match their happiness.
And those seeking to roleplay to mask with impressions,
Are most likely confessiing to someone, somewhere...
They have become guilt ridden with temptations and sin.
While sneaking around to 'downlow' on their spouses.

'I 'heard' you were involved in homosexual activities.'

How was 'your' experience?
I'm sure it wasn't gossiped.
You don't seem to have the look of one curious.
And I am not one you can hunt.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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