Guilt That Stalks

No mascara or masquerades,
Can hide this trash.
No close ups or switched commercial fades...
Can unblemish the flaunted
Rough flawed edges,
In 'light'...
Now made.

Two countries vowed to invade,
With a plan!
Now each man grandstands,
To excuse devastation by their hands!

No camera angles or shadowed profiles,
Can disguise the bile of demonic smiles!
They make when 'Breaking News'

And strategies of success...
Are looking dimmer crushed by a mess!
Leaving souls of lost lives,
To return to their nests armed...
With a message received!

God has chosen them now to deliver!
Haunting those who chose greed and death
Followed by a guilt that stalks those who quiver.
To frighten and surround them in their shivers!
Exposed and disposed,
As the givers who forced...
Humanity's destruction!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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