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Guilty End
KWM ( / 2nd February)

Guilty End

Poem By Kimani wa Mbogo

I held her in a warm embrace,
As we thought of our romantic base.
Such was a serious sense of guilt,
All right long on a coarse silt.

Though the bright moon was up high,
Nobody saw us in a tie.
Memories injured our tender guilty hearts,
Like red hot rods near painful cuts.

In a timely unison, we both sighed,
Guilty of the game already played.
What a dreadful negative anticipation!
That was surely not our expectation.

How would we do such an act?
It remained a sour question of fact.
How would it be few months later?
That made her soul remain bitter.

Very guilt in such a cold night,
The shining moon making her dress bright.
As the tears rolled down her beautiful cheek,
Every moment she tried to blink.

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