Guilty Pleasure

What comes of this illogical affair?
The overwhelming confusion suffocates my body
As my nails slowly slip down his back.
Will she know that I’ve betrayed her?
Or live with anesthetics flowing through
the veins of a former friend.
Should I feel guilt?
Or embrace this foreign affair?
She is so unaware of the pain she
will unlawfully have to endure.
This is not my fault.
The moonlight shining on his conscious eyes
drove me in,
and they’re engraved in my mind like a reoccurring dream.
Playing over and over again.
This could be the start of something new,
and the end to something that never should’ve felt right.
But when it happens again who can stop it now?
This has gone too far.
The lacerations down our bodies can't hide the
shame of what we've done.
She won't mistake them for what they should be.
3 shooting stars in the silky sky.
My 3 wishes; never forget, never tell,
and always whisper when regret haunts my lonely mind.
Soon the air around me will fill with
the unforgettable taste of guilty pleasure,
and all that’s left to do is hide.

by lauren lanzel

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Amazing writing, so talented! ! !
This poem screams innocent betrayal, but what is innocent - or perhaps it's just hidden? I really like this because of the way you've described things in a tasteful and tactful manner. You have described your innermost thoughts quite well. Great job, Lauren do keep writing. -L.C.