Guilty Pleasure

I am no exception like other human beings
The same arguments kill me and constantly ring
Even though I am never a failure and got it easy
Yet it provides me no comfort and makes me lazy

Morning sun light scorches my skin
I have so much liking for and very keen
May be it is my weakest point to admit
Still I think it is proper and very much fit

I have enjoyed it number of times
It has occurred to my mind sometimes
I must find some solution permanently
The soul can’t be cheated constantly

Of late I have started to feel some regret
It is killing me from inside with the fears not to make it let
It is reality and creates some sort of repentance
With the result I feel distress and remain very tense

The defense offered is very weak
I am victim and can’t speak
Such lilies can’t cut much ice
It is end of good words and promises

The joy is momentary with guilty pleasure
It has no scale with marks to measure
It may only give unhappiness in coming days
One should find some compromise and stay away

How long you may continue to cheat?
You may lower your eyes when greet
Have some real fun from other activities
But make sure it is branded as bad qualities

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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