WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Guilty Pleasures

Your fragrances as vanilla sweets
Can't wait to get you between satin sheets
Smooth as your brown hair
Feel so good when I touch you down there

Legs both spread eagle wide
Creamy chocolate slips inside
Licking from flower to the taint
Slow motion till you start to faint

Bosom licked in a circular motion
Until you burst like an ocean
Let me slap you on your derrière to pull the trigger
As I check out your gorgeous figure

In pink caverns goes darken head
So the shaft let the blind is lead
Holding you close the dragon rises through
Motions I matched everything with you

Grasping firmly I in your hand
Spewing liquids the cocoa man stand
Pumping as motions aligns to the orifice
Squeezing firmly on your tight gluteus

Head lays upon my lap
Princess sweet takes a nap
Rubbing your bottom upon chocolate member
I had risen solidly from what I remember

Great lap dance that you give
In your womb, I want to live
This is why I love you so
Please don't move before I go

Bodies entwined heat warms my heart.
Stuck together I want not to be apart
Let me rub my tool between your chests
Tongue crosses areolas on your breasts

Moved to render fellatio
Motions alter due to irrumatio
How I fancy your gluteus maximus
Especially while I give you cunnilingus

This I would do without any hesitation
So sweet our copulation
Love's final consummation
Engaged mutually to our interaction

Canned goods have never been opened or entered
The day to give glorious spender surrendered
Will you ride Saint George in a state of nature?
Tensions release to a musical rapture

Part II

This I do and it's a fact
Laying you down tongue running down your back
Spreading your genitalia as I sap you down
Screaming you will when I go downtown

While I am rubbing your brown hair
Can I put my face down there?
My monster will grow as it goes in and out
Face into pillow so you can scream and shout

Would you mind if we took an hour
Could we also foutre in your shower?
Can I stop and look at what you've got?
Can I just stair silently at your joy spot

Can I just taste the vulva inside?
Can you pull it open wide?
Your legs will start to spasm
While you scream as you orgasm

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