Guinea Pigs

Poem By Chan Mongol

Poem by Chan Mongol
September 24 of 2020

A country designs people and makes most characters;
Leaders are the government and all those public medias.

Third world countries spray and splash patriotism and nationalism;
From the very beginning, from school system with national anthem.

Why so? Why they do? And such started sometimes ago;
Worshipping a country instead of the god or nature, where do we go?

A very short lifetime is spent and dedicated only for sucker managers
And generations after generations we engaged as their worshippers!

Fearful citizens are under control and without the right;
Chained people got one way to slavery without own might.

Subjects are still subjects and imprisoned in countries for experiments;
Countries are prisons and appointed those jailers are governments.

We don't have chance to find god or to get the therapy of nature.
Because, materials are for research centers thus, guineapigs we are!

You can revolt and vote but keeping up countries;
You are just paintingsame old laboratories for guinea pigs.

Comments about Guinea Pigs

Yes, we are all guinea pigs in the laboratories of the Governments. We can be free only when the frontiers disappear and the mother Earth returns to us as the one single home and habitat for all of us. Home for the humans, habitats for all other species having life.

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