Guinea Pigs

Too many unconscious,
Live for the doing of misdeeds.
Too many unconscious,
Have been easily duped to believe...
A 'boomerang' thrown,
Will not come back to be with speed...
To its thrower received.
Much like seesaws, pendulums...
And doors that revolve to return.

'Lessons like this taught,
Should be obvious to learn.'

~Well, too often they are not.~

Those spreading to participate in innuendos,
With a purpose to deceive purposely...
Eventually find their minds blocked and stopped,
From cures to prevent mental illnesses.
And other uncurable designer diseases.
Used as guinea pigs to experiment they are.
Used to test their self-righteous,
To leave them wounded for life...
And visably scarred.

But the ones awakened who have dismissed,
Teachings allowed by the blinded...
Refuse the existence of this kind of life permitted.
And can only pray with strengthened faith...
Those souls now sitting as 'spiritual' and divine spirits,
Will with their power correct this existing nonsense.
With the hope the ones taught to suffer restrictions and limits,
Soon will remove veils from their eyes and minds...
To recognize the masquerade and 'who' created this mischief.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Lovely poem. So true. Too many lies are being fed constantly. To stay vigilant is the only shield of protection.