Guinevere's Dilemma

You looked on me adoringly
Who is this man so young
That all the men follow
With a good heart and good intentions
Knew I loved you when I first saw you
I could never dream of a greater man
A man brave and true
You were the very air to me
Without you I can not breathe
Will never leave your side
To be your wife is my pride
My king
Then you looked on me differently
There was hunger in your eyes
For me you would fight even die
The struggle within began that day
Never before would I have cheated even lied
But ever since that day my very being ached
You were the answer to the question I never asked
In my eyes there was no other choice to make
Our love ended the moment it began
We were meant to be together in another time in another land
My knight

by Priscilla Monroy

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how could you end a budding love. glances that's full of sticking lances. wooowie, you write so beautiful. keep on writng.