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It was a phone call, that made my heart skip a beat..
I told her to tell me a story, but instead, I told her one.
She planned out the future, of her and I.....
I was starting to get scared..
thinkin I Better Hide!

I told her a story of the Big Bad Wolf.. with Goldy locks.. and the 3 bears.. all mixed up in one.
Best story ever, she told me..
as she laughed the night away..

what scared me the most was at the end of the call..
She said the 3 words.. that woke me up, shook me down..
and torn me apart.
My jaw dropped.. My heart stopped..
My mind Went Blank....

I finally said.. really...
she said yes...

and the funny thing is.. she told me I had to say it bak,
Made me laugh,
Never had a girl do that before.

she took me by surprise..
and when I did..
I dont kno why.... I felt guity inside..

all that ran through my mind.. - What made her feel this way?

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