Gun (For Miss L)

Picking up the pieces
That silence seemed to stain
The wind blew like cold breath
The darkness won’t remain
The end of something is sadness
Anticipation tinged with pain
We con ourselves with comfort
Go through it all again

And we go on- put a show on
We go on

Defeat is just suffering
That’s hidden beneath lies
Rebuilding the mess we’ve made
With tears in our eyes
No wonder you have hatred
Clinging to you like the flies
That clings to the carcass
Of something when it dies

And we go on- put a show on
We go on

But rain clouds soon pass on
And out comes the sun
The end is a beginning
Just before it has begun
And soon you will be forgotten
And life is just for fun
You used you decisions
Like a loaded gun

And I’ve gone on- and you’re no one
No one

by Vincent Coster

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