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Gun Is Not The Only Weapon Of War.
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Gun Is Not The Only Weapon Of War.

Poem By Tony Adah

Gun is not the
Only weapon of war
Starve them
Close the airport where
The enemy's supplies land
And the war is won
So the strategist said of our brothers

Today the world
Has an array of weapons
To destroy itself
With chemical and bio-weapons
As If in the wild
Hunting for games
But this world
Will never end in wars.

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Comments (5)

Wonderfully written... Gun is not the only weapon of war.
There were so many wars. But still this world is survived with the blessings of Almighty. A great message for the world. Invite you cordially to read my poem, Freedom does not flow from the barrel of gun. Thanks for sharing. Regards. +10
An interesting and thought-provoking poem. The first stanza is stunning. I think that Hitler thought the same when he blocked Leningrad. The ending sounds rather optimistical. I don't dare to believe it for I see that people forgot love, and humanity is drowning in fear, hypocrisy and self-admiration ((( Anyway... a nice work!
Such positive hopes shown in the poem saves the world always and the humans themselves. nice ideas.
yes, we all hope not to end because of wars.................guns, missiles etc. should be stopped...........war should also be stopped............lest it would be devastation..............great poem.........thanks