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! Gun Nuts
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! Gun Nuts

Poem By Michael Shepherd

The FBI has considerably extended
the list of those whose mental health
makes it unwise for them to purchase guns…

that means, I guess, those whose state
was discovered before they bought
their first, or second, or fourteenth gun..

but what of those whose mental health
is dangerously unbalanced, after
they buy their guns and use them?

who graduate enthusiastically
from air-rifles aimed at beer cans,
to planning how to gun down
their teachers or their fellow students?

then there are those who fight heroically
throughout a campaign; but return,
as veterans from Vietnam, to a ruined mental health?

or – let’s be quite contentious here –
suppose a whole people, let’s say Texans
or Republicans, or Afghans, or some extremist sect,
want to fight each other; and
an impartial expert called in by
the United Nations (uh?) declares
that neither side are fit in mental health
to buy, or to be issued, any guns? …

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The irony is that most gun owners argue that they only need them for defensive purposes - to 'protect' themselves and their families (by killing people?) . They share the same confident ignorance of those who strap explosives to their bodies in the name of freedom. Love your contentious plan by the way. Perhaps if all the nutters lose their weapons, we might save a few million lives? love, Allie xxxx