Gun On My Tongue

Poem By David Darbyshire

It was freezing that Christmas,
watching the snow filled clouds pass.
The tree was bright, and presents for all,
I got a 'cowboy' outfit, felt quite tall.

Being only five, I put my hat and holster on,
couldn't wait to run outside.
Snow up to my knee's, playing on the lawn.
Now from me, no one could hide.

To this day don't ask me why,
I was stood there shivering under a blue sky.
I rose the gun up to my mouth, and licked it with my tongue,
the gun froze to my mouth, all the way home there it hung.

It is very embarrassing for a young boy,
to walk home with a gun hanging from his tongue.
But that's what ya get, when you buy such a toy.
I think some skates and pads, would bring more Joy

Comments about Gun On My Tongue

A ten for you and Patricia's comment too. lol
Oh, Dave, between your poem and Patricia's comment, I laughed so much I nearly fell off my chair! Funniest one for a long time. Keep them coming. Love, Fran the Fan xx
Love your poems which have a message mixed with your brand of humour. I can visualize the biy with the gun hanging thru his! ! Love..TO
The skates would have been heavier hanging from your Ah the memories of childhood....thanks for sharing.
Another gem. Ashish.

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