Gun Shot

Poem By Lynn Garman

i dont understand how you can say that i shouldnt act this way.
that it was my fault for all the lies, that it ended to fast.
i dont understand how you can tell me that it was my fault.
when in reality baby i didnt do anything wrong.
its all your fault cause you lied to me and everyone else.
you hurt me the most though cause i opened up to you.
i let you in and you shot me dead.
you shot me in the heart and now you dont know what to do.
your guilty because you know its all your fault.
you realize it now but its too late.
you killed the only one you can trust.
youre standing over my body thinking what you are going to do.
you need to figure out what to do with the gun.
you cant throw it away because its got your DNA.
you cant sell it because it was used in a crime.
they would take the heat and end up in jail, and you are free.
you are trying to think but you are really scared.
you need to understand one thing, you have two things to get rid of.
my body and the gun, but you dont know how.
you cant thrown me and the gun into a ditch.
you need to plan this very carefully.
so that NO ONE would come looking for me.
you are still standing over me, when you hear the sirens.
they are coming for you and you know its all your fault.
you have no where to go, no one to run too.
you killed the only person you can run to, and trust.
you killed the only one you loved, your own flesh and blood.
you have to run, but since you have no where to go, you stay.
you raise the gun to your head and scream to the world.
i am sorry for hurting everyone and its over for me now.
you pull the trigger and now you are gone.
you are in the world between life and death.
but now when you look and smile at me, i turn away.
i want nothing to do with you because of what you did to me.
you hurt me so bad baby, you killed me.
all because i wouldnt do something you told me to do.
because i stood up for myself, where does that lead me, death.
you think this is just the beginning, but you are wrong.
life is far from over for you, you are just starting this life.
cause now its your time to feel the pain you put others through.
to get hurt by someone who you think loves you until death.
its now my time to repeat the words you said once to me.
i dont like how you are acting, dont act like this.
but why waste my breath on you, you are not worth my time anymore.
im done with you, you mean nothing to me at all.
have fun living the life you are now choosing to live.
cause i can honestly say i dont care what happens to you.
everything i said to you in the past, i dont mean any of it now.
it was all fake just like you are.
i dont care about you and whatever you choose to do is on you.
have a wonderful life in the underworld.

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really skylar? this is all fictional. what the hell?

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