This Lonely Night

On this night I am lonely in my virtue of
imagination and I looked up to the night sky where the stars reside. There was this feeling of a new company which I felt in my heart, that I was not alone, I was with this night only and the beauty of the stars resembles the intended solidification. Whether I moved somewhere else, no matter how hard I tried to break this sudden occurrence of attachment but they stayed as they are supposed to not letting me drown into my own evilness of deep regrets. Even if I shout nobody would hear me as I have broken my tender to fly back to that ground where lies only a individual's sorrow, I visualised the narration of a newer praise that those stars moulded me into, that the night doesn't borrow any attachments with it, nor it possesses any excellency of colours and this darkness has its own prevailing value.

by Piyush Mishra

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greatly penned this poem- Till the longest day was done; An' 'e didn't seem to know the use o' fear. If we charged or broke or cut, You could bet your bloomin' nut,
I like cats.....................................................................................
I haven't read this poem in over 50 years, Amazing piece of pathos. I rate it 11 ot of 10.
Anyone who finds tis poem racist doesn't understand it. It is a plea for racial understanding. What ever the color of your dirty hide, you can be just as good or better than those not like you. It's what's inside that counts in the final analysis.
Who would do a good cover of this song? Eminem? Weekned?
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