JTR (Undisclosed / Whitechapel, England)

Guns Of Grace

Guns of grace, guns of grace,
You wish for a faster way to die?
Guns of grace, guns of grace,
The guns of grace can supply.
Guns of grace, guns of grace,
Eracing the face of the human race.
For when you wish death would pick up the pace
The evil arms become the guns of grace.

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Comments (3)

Guns of grace, guns of grace... Wonderful rhythm here, with the chant-like refrain... Unlike Sid John, I like the idea of 'guns of grace' - it's ambiguous, and describes the quasi-mystical attraction for firearms and violence that a lot of people seem to feel.
Guns of Grace, Guns of Grace sounds just like a whiches chant Guns of Grace Guns of Grace Human Rage will not recant Death is Grace when looked upon and someday in your sight sometimes the words are wrong Freedom of Speech isn't always right.
Guns of grace, guns of grace Dont you stick it in my face. Just look around at bloodstained sands. Keep weapons out of childrens hands. Nothing graceful about guns Jack. Greatest weapon is free speech. Regards - Sid John