Guns Ran Out Of Bullets! ! !

In the battle at the north
Between the army that prides itself with armoury
And that, that crossed the channel
In the north of the London
All sights were fixed on the north
Even the west of the London had vested interest
Theirs was to make mockery
The Queen was never there
Her majesty had her ears
The city stood still in rapt attention
For a sweet victory
Alas! The guns ran out of bullets
And the soldiers ran out of energy
Courage filtered out like silk in a colloidal solution
Anxiety stretched the texture of the skins
Sweet permeated the undulating terrains of fabrics
The enemies ran away with an easy victory
Mockery surfaced from the west of London
It was what they prayed for and expected

© 2015

by G. Akanji Olaniyi

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