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Gurgling And Choking His Eyes Reddened And Swollen
DQ Donna Quesinberry (06/05/1957 / United States of America)

Gurgling And Choking His Eyes Reddened And Swollen

the deal of the century
involved a young christian
male delivering a new ride
to a man in a suit without
desire to know or care about
the overnight excursion of a
youthful soul trying to impress
the leige of quasi-corporate
types who sent him to trevail
a snowstorm with ice abounding

free of the wreak of pot lashed
youthful bliss, touting a bible
and engagement ring. he toiled
through the day to the dusk to
the darkness, nearly home
to reunite with an engagee
anxious and abundant as only

a youthful man is for the woman
or girl he professes love to. off
the road over blackened ground
and ice to air of 50 feet landing
in forest, without airbags,
suspending his brain in a torrent
of spin cycling. wrongfully treated
by 'the man.' and left to dry out

brain devoid still conscious in
a frozen land far to the north.

exalt the auto-stave the human.

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Sad commentary on what is important in the world today.