Gush Of Sorrow

I felt a pench of sorrow when you left me here,
Like life sucked the greatness out of me and you,
You left me cold, sad and unwanted,
Thoughts of you makes me wonder more about you,
If there is one thing in the world I rather do,
Is to see you once again.

At least two years ago, you left me with more and more pain,
The last words you say, I love you,
And you went away,
Ever since then I could never speak to another guy,
Because everything you left, I held with me inside.

I rather die with you, not anyone else,
but a gush of sorrow left pain itself.
I cry daily thinking of what could be,
Laughing, joking and playing thats the theme I rather be.
But unfortunatly I held you deep within, listen to me and I felt
You for loves sweet revenge.

by Jaylin Moore

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