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Gust Becos I Cud Not Spel
(7 February 1946 / Liverpool / England)

Gust Becos I Cud Not Spel

Gust becos I cud not spel
It did not mean I was daft
When the boys in school red my riting
Some of them laffed

But now I am the dictater
They have to rite like me
Utherwise they cannot pas

Some of the girls were ok
But those who laffed a lot
Have al bean rownded up
And hav recintly bean shot

The teecher who corrected my speling
As not been shot at al
But four the last fifteen howers
As bean standing up against a wal

He has to stand ther until he can spel
Figgymisgrugifooniyn the rite way
I think he will stand ther for ever
I just inventid it today

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brilliant as usual recommended by Which best buy.
Great poem; I'm annotating it for English class. Dos anyone know when it was written? ? 0_0
I really like this poem because I have dyslexia and I am a kid and it cind of describes me
it is good that i like it
I was a kid but a lot of people I still know in Liverpool, and my Mum and Dad, knew Brian. Well I was in a pub last week, and I started reading a poem out loud, and this stranger gave me hell for it and told me to stop. Next day I saw Terry, Derek Marley, and Sammy Abdullah, and told them about that, and Sammy told me a story about Brian from the 60's which was too rude to repeat here. Anyway, that was why I came to be finding this poem and writing a poem in response after seeing these old photos of Brian with big curly hair, from the 60's/70's era I grew up, in in the same neighbourhood too - Liverpool 8. Brain Pattern reading perms allowed 'snot poplar a poplar is a tree brian's pattern's curly not a perm you see? sometimes perms are poplar like keegan's event shoe alley but you have to get up early for the bird to catch the pea i speshully hate the tories for their spelling bee but brian's patterns is very gud hence its poplar-larity it's not male patten baldness as everywun can see if you rearly wunt to rite a perm just rite wun in a tree
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