Gutter Of Debt

We have terrific news to announce this morning!
According to our 'Get Off Your Ass Index'...
Or as we affectionally have come to call it,
The GOYA! ...'Go-YEAH' for those of you
Who maintain a certain fashion consciousness,
If you will.

It has been brought to our attention the middle class
Has risen above our earlier projections...
And it is now expected we WILL be able to provide
Those ladders to assist those climbing out of the gutter
Of debt after all!
And we want to just say this...
Before we take a break
To enjoy our 3 weeks of a well deserved vacation!

'You JUST had vacations a month ago! '

NO! Not true at all! We had divided into 'Discovery
Committees' to investigate the shopping wars in
Monte Carlo! That report is currently being finalized!
And prior to that...remember there was discussion
Of tainted oysters being served in the bars in Belize?
We want you all to know we are here doing all we can
To make sure that we are not only safe...
But also that our freedom is not jeopardized!
And if there is anyone here NOT freedom conscious...
Let he OR she speak out and let those displeasures
Be known! Anyone? No ruffled feathers,
Means we're all together! Very good.
And now I'd like to address...

(To Be Continued...)

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Lawrence, I know the US are very bad debt, you sound very angry about the economy. I feel very Bad. I know it is hard but it is hard all over Lawrence. Take care, Excellent emotion and Poem
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